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Okinawa Women’s Appeal

Mr. President, Please close down and remove the worlds most dangerous base Futenma base in Okinawa Japan.

May the prayers of mothers in Futenma be heard by mothers in America. June 2010

The Group For Peaceful Okinawa in Osaka, Japan  Co-chair, Akiko Yoshizawa 

 Futenma military base, located in the centre of a city with a population of 92,000, has 9 elementary schools, 7 high schools, a university and numerous nurseries and kindergartens in its vicinity. Children who attend these schools are, every day, at risk from aircraft crashes. On August 13th 2004, a fighter helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University, sending shards flying over 330 meters. One of these lodged itself in the wall of a room, just meters from were a baby lay sleeping, the baby is lucky not to have been killed

The people of Okinawa have demanded the closure of Futenma for 65 years, however the US government has maintained that Futenma Base will not be closed down, nor returned, until a replacement base has been constructed. What’s more, the US government is demanding that this new base be built in Henoko. This means reclaiming land and pouring concrete into a bay, rich in wildlife and coral and home to Dugong – a natural treasure and protected species.

After the Okinawa war, residents were imprisoned while the US army appropriated Futemma base by force. This base should be returned to the Okinawan people, and this excuse amounts to nothing more than taking children as hostages while robbing Okinawa. It was Donald Henry Rumsfeld, the ex United States Secretary of Defense, who admitted that Futenma base is “the most dangerous base in the world”. 3600 people live in the Futenma Base Clear Zones (US safety standards require these clear zones for the safe take of and landing of aircraft, meaning people are unknowingly living in the most dangerous areas surrounding the base). Concerned parent and chairman of the Futenma Second elementary school is demanding the immediate closure and removal of Futemma base. 

 When not only civilian houses but also elementary schools are separated from a military base by a single fence, civilian safety cannot be guaranteed and danger is unavoidable. Who knows when an aircraft may crash into the elementary school, just as the helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University. Nobody can guarantee our safety.

As parents, all we ask is that this base, which has been referred to as the most dangerous in the world, be closed down. We want to free our children from the dangers of base related incidents and accidents. We want them to be able to study in class without the roar of military aircraft resounding through the classrooms. We want to be able to send our children to school in safety.

Yukari Murakami  Futenma Second Elementary School PTA chairperson

During the Vietnam war, the Okinawan people surrounded the base in an attempt to prevent the B52 fighter planes from taking off and going Vietnam where they were responsible for child casualties. Now, once again, the Okinawan people want to stop the American fighter planes they see leaving for Iraq and Afghanistan where they are causing more civilian and child deaths. Okinawa no longer wants to be complicit with the American army and its killing and so locals have held a sit in Henoko for 13 years in a desperate attempt to prevent the construction of yet another military base. In countries under attack from the US army, people know of Okinawa. They say the planes that come to kill them, come from Okinawa the “Devil’s Island”. To be known in this way, while wanting nothing to do with the war and killing, is deeply distressing.

Okinawa has held tens of thousands of protest rallies opposing the US military bases over many years. Okinawa does not have a strong public transport infrastructure. Even so mothers with young children, and elderly people have travelled miles to the rally places, in an attempt to make their voices heard by their government in Tokyo. However the Japanese government has not listened. As mothers in Japan and American - we must raise our voices together. We must fight together to force the American government to stop its unlawful actions, and call for the protection of the children of Futenma along side the children of Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot allow more people to be killed.

We ask you to show your support and sign our petition which will be submitted to the US government and the United Nations.

Codepink Appeal

 イスラエルのガザ支援船攻撃に抗議し、世界中の支援者と連帯してガザ封鎖中止を!    ガザ支援船を指揮していたアン・ライトさん イスラエル当局に逮捕・拘束強制送還後アメリカに帰国!    ☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮☮

CODEPINK Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza Flotilla                           コードピンク イスラエルのガザ支援船攻撃を糾弾 〈声明〉


この事件は米国の対イスラエル政策の根本的変更を迫るものである。しかるに、米国市民を含む人道支援家と支援物資を運ぶ船へのイスラエルの攻撃にたいするオバマ政権の反応は全く受け入れがたいものである。  ホワイト・ハウスのスポークスマンは、「オバマ大統領は多くの死傷者がでたことを非常に遺憾に思っている」と述べているが、大統領や議員らから私たちが聞きたいのは遺憾の意ではなく、このようなひどい襲撃への強い糾弾である。それは、イスラエルにたいするあらゆる支援の即時中止、ガザ封鎖を停止させるためイスラエルに圧力をかけ続けるといった行動が伴はなければねばならない。



「私たちは国のリーダーらに、今回の行為を糾弾し、即時調査を開始し、イスラエルにガザ封鎖の停止を求め、 イスラエルへの武器供与の即時停止を支持することで平和への言質を取る必要があります」 ― メディア・ベンジャミン 

コードピンクはアン・ライトさんらのガザ封鎖解除の戦いを今後も引き続き支援するため  支援基金を募っています。 ( コードピンク大阪も募金に参加します。)

アン・ライトさん日本招聘に尽力いただいた皆さん、募金へのご協力をお願いします。                            コードピンク大阪(尾川寿江)まで振込みいただきましたら、まとめてコードピンクへ送らせていただきます。宜しくお願いします。

 近畿大阪銀行 谷町支店    店番 312  

   普通預金 口座番号   0,693,168

   名義人                 オガワ ヒサエ 

 コードピンク大阪ジャパン / URL  http://codepink.jp       E-mail: glocaloh@gold.ocn.ne.jp

Col.Ann Wright interview in Turky

Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault

支援船に乗っていたフリー・ガザ運動のフワイダ・アラフと元米軍大佐アン・ライトさん、   死者がでた襲撃に対するイスラエルの主張に反論

AMY GOODMAN:Welome  back to Democracy Now  the War and Peace Report.  I’m Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez as we continue to talk about the aid flotilla.  Juan…

エイミー・グッドマン Democracy Nowにようこそ。戦争と平和に関する報告です。エイミー・グッドマン、ホワン・ゴンザレスがお伝えします。

JUAN GONZALEZ: We also have someone else on the line who was also on that boat. Anne Wright, a Retired Army colonel and former US diplomat. She spent twenty-nine years in the military and later served as a high-ranking diplomat in the State Department. In 2001 she helped oversee the reopening of the US mission in Afghanistan. In 2003 she resigned her State Department post to protest the war in Iraq. She was on the Freedom Flotilla and was just deported to Turkey.



AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Wright, welcome to Democracy Now!                         ライト大佐、Democracy Now へようこそ。

ANN WRIGHT: Hi, Amy, Juan.                                             エイミー,ホアン、こんにちは。

AMY GOODMAN: Can you tell us what happened to you?                            



ANN WRIGHT: Well, I was also on the Challenger 1 with Huwaida. And let me just give a great compliment to Huwaida and all of the Free Gaza Movement. It’s a tremendous, tremendous thing that they have done in creating this movement of boats that had six large vessels that went toward Gaza. And let me tell you how thrilling it was to see all of those boats steaming, those civilians trying to challenge the governments of the world that say there must be a siege to strangle the 1.5 million people in Gaza, and yet the citizens of the world are challenging that with everything they’ve got.



JUAN GONZALEZ: Tell us what you saw and how you were treated by the Israeli soldiers.         ゴンザレス:何を見ましたか。イスラエル兵士の態度はどうでしたか。


ANN WRIGHT: Well, I saw the attack on the also of the helicopters coming over, the rappelling down of the soldiers, the sailors, the Zodiac boats coming up the side, the spraying of them. Then, with that, the captain of the Marmara told us to go ahead to try to get as far away as we could, because we had the fastest boat. We were—as Huwaida very accurately described, our boat was boarded. People were thrown on the deck. Windows were blown out. Flash bangs were used. One of our journalists was hit with something of an electric shock. I don’t know that it was a taser. She doesn’t know, either, yet. One of the women was hit in the face, in the nose, with one of the liquid-filled balls. They were very excessively rough, excessively forceful, on trying to slow down, stop—actually, we were already stopped. They weren’t stopping us at all. We were already dead in the water, and yet all of this force used on us.    

ヘリコプターからラッペルで兵士等が降りてくる、船からは水兵が上がってくる、スプレイをまく、我々の船は先に進むよう命じられる、乗客ははずみでデッキに放り出される、電気ショックを受けた状態のジャーナリスト、 液体のはいったボールで顔面や、鼻を負傷した女性等と大混乱に陥りました。  お


AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Wright, I wanted to get your response to Vice President Biden. He was on the Charlie Rose show last night, and he was questioning what the big deal was getting this humanitarian aid directly to Gaza. This is the Vice President.                                     


VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: You can argue whether Israel should have dropped people onto that ship or not, but the truth of the matter is, Israel has a right to know—they’re at war with Hamas—has a right to know whether or not arms are being smuggled in. And up to now, Charlie, what’s happened? They’ve said, “Here you go. You’re in the Mediterranean. This ship, if you divert slightly north, you can unload it, and we’ll get the stuff into Gaza.” So what’s the big deal here? What’s the big deal of insisting it go straight to Gaza? Well, it’s legitimate for Israel to say, “I don’t know what’s on that ship. These guys are dropping eight—3,000 rockets on my people.”

     バイデン副大統領 はじめからイスラエルが支援船に活動家らを乗せて出航させるべきでなかったのでは、そうすればこんな騒動にはならなかったという議論もできるでしょう。しかし、現実に船が出てしまったわけで、イスラエルは当然知る権利があるのです。ハマスと闘っているのですから。武器が密輸されるのではないかを知る権利です。地中海のど真ん中を航行中にと言いますが、少し北に舵をとれば荷降ろしをする陸地があったわけでそこからガザへ運べばよかったのです。何故ガザに直行するとして大騒ぎしたのですか。イスラエルが「船には何が積み込まれているかわからない、わが国の市民に3000発のロケット弾を打ち込んだ連中を支援しようとしているのだから」 というのは合法的なことですよ。 


AMY GOODMAN: That was Vice President Biden last night. Colonel Ann Wright, your response?     エイミー・グッドマン: 昨夜のバイデン副大統領のテレビでの様子でした。あなたの見解は?


ANN WRIGHT: Well, I think our vice president needs to take another look at this thing. The ships were open to inspection beforehand, and I’m quite sure Mossad had their little agents that were all over that place. These groups are humanitarian groups that are bringing in goods that are needed for the people of Gaza. They’ve had plenty of inspections on them.                                 


If you talk about violence, it’s not 3,000 rockets Hamas is putting on Gaza; it’s a twenty-two-day attack that the Israelis did that killed 1,400 people, wounded 5,000, left 50,000 homeless. And here we are a year and four months later, and the Israelis will not let any sort of reconstruction materials in. And then, when reconstruction materials start coming that way, instead of waiting until—if they have a zone that they are trying to protect, let ships come into it and stop them.                              


But I would say that there are ways that you can stop them without killing people. There are ways you can stop even passenger ship like that ferry boat, and certainly like our little thirty-foot craft. You don’t have to use commandos with—I mean, you can use commandos with excessive force, which they do, but there are other ways to do it, if you want to kind of preserve a sense of civility, humanity, and meeting the international law, quite honestly.                                    

乗客を殺さなくても船の航行を止めることは出来たはずです。我々の乗ったわずか30フィートのちいさなフェリーボートを、重装備の軍艦で襲撃するなど考えられない行為です。 国際法の遵守、人道尊重の意識がまるでなかったのですから。

And going outside a boundary, going into international waters, I mean, what they are are pirates. They are pirates. They kidnap people, and they’re stealing stuff. They’ve probably stolen over a million dollars’ worth of cameras, computers, cell phones. I mean, I’m in Istanbul. We just got here early this morning. Some luggage is here. There’s not a thing in it. Everything has been taken. The Israeli military said, “Oh, yes, we have to count this. You know, we have to take it.” Well, what they’ve done, they’ve stolen it. And if we have any friends that are in Israel, I hope that they go down to the black market and see where our stuff is, because somebody is making a killing on this thing.



JUAN GONZALEZ: And Ann Wright, once you were in Israeli custody, how were you and the other prisoners treated?                                                    



ANN WRIGHT: Well, in the brand new Israeli prison—nobody had ever been in this particular prison in Barsheba that we were in—the treatment was reasonable. However, when we got out to the airport, I have never seen supposedly professional law enforcement people treat others with such disrespect. They were laughing, giggling, commenting on wounded and dead. It was a very pitiful, pitiful performance by law enforcement people. And I think what we saw as internationals coming in there is the tip of the iceberg compared to what Palestinians see every single day from those types of law enforcement officials.                                                          



AMY GOODMAN: Colonel Ann Wright, we want to thank you for being with us, speaking to us from Istanbul, where she was just deported to. She is a retired US Army colonel, former US diplomat, spent twenty-nine years in the military, later served as a high-ranking diplomat in the State Department. In 2001, she helped oversee the lead-up to Afghanistan, in 2003 resigned her State Department post to protest the war in Iraq. She was on the Freedom Flotilla, as was Huwaida Arraf.                                       


Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World.

Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World.
Please Sign!

 Toward the 2010 NPT Review Conference Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free WorldEven now, in the 21st Century, world peace and security are still threatened by 26,000 nuclear weapons.As the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show us, nuclear weapons instantly destroy countless lives, torment people in future generations, and ruin civilizations.The Hibakusha, the A-bomb survivors, continue to warn that humanity cannot coexist with nuclear weapons. Never again should we create more victims of nuclear weapons.For the survival of the human race and for the future of our children, let us achieve a world free of nuclear weapons through our actions in solidarity.Toward the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the nuclear weapons states are called to honor the “unequivocal undertaking” of May 2000 to eliminate their nuclear weapons.We call on the nuclear weapons states and all other governments to agree to commence and conclude negotiations of a treaty, a nuclear weapons convention, to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons without delay.

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CODEPINK Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza Flotilla

コードピンク イスラエルのガザ支援船攻撃を糾弾

Calls on US Govt to Condemn Attack and Cut Aid to Israel


We are outraged, stunned and broken-hearted that the Israeli Navy has not only intercepted 6 ships that were carrying humanitarian aid to the 1.5 million people in Gaza who are living under an Israeli-imposed siege, but has actually killed and wounded dozens of these brave humanitarian activists. While Israel has refused to release precise details, news reports are saying that at least nine people were killed, many more wounded, and that remaining 700 passengers have been sent to Israel for arrest and/or deportation. The storming of civilian ships in international waters by Israeli commandos is a terrorist act that is a blatant violation of international law.


This must be a turning point for U.S. policy toward Israel. The reaction of the Obama Administration to Israel’s attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla, which included U.S. citizens, has been totally unacceptable. A White House spokesperson stated that President Obama “deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained.” We need to hear from our President and our Congress a STRONG CONDEMNATION of this abominable attack, and it must be accompanied by action: an immediate cut off of all aid to Israel and sustained pressure on Israel to lift the siege of Gaza.

この事件は米国の対イスラエル政策の根本的変更を迫るものである。しかるに、米国市民を含む人道支援家と支援物資を運ぶ船へのイスラエルの攻撃にたいするオバマ政権の反応は全く受け入れがたいものである。  ホワイト・ハウスのスポークスマンは、「オバマ大統領は多くの死傷者がでたことを非常に遺憾に思っている」と述べているが、大統領や議員らから私たちが聞きたいのは遺憾の意ではなく、このようなひどい襲撃への強い糾弾である。それは、イスラエルにたいするあらゆる支援の即時中止、ガザ封鎖を停止させるためイスラエルに圧力をかけ続けるといった行動が伴はねばならない。

The U.S. government has been complicit in arming Israel and enabling its human rights abuses, including the ongoing siege of Gaza that has kept 1.5. million people living in the world’s largest open-air prison. In July 2008, the United States signed a contract worth $1.9 billion to transfer the latest-generation of naval combat vessels to Israel at U.S. taxpayer expense. Currently, Congress is in the process of appropriating a record $3.2 billion in military aid to Israel this budget year. This aid must be stopped.


Israel has imposed a crippling blockade on Gaza since 2007, and then the brutal Israeli invasion of Gaza in December 2009 left over 1,400 Palestinians dead. CODEPINK has been sending delegations of humanitarian aid to Gaza via Egypt and pressuring the U.S. government to call on Israel to lift the siege. In light of this present massacre of humanitarian workers, we vow to redouble our efforts to lift the inhumane siege of Gaza and change U.S. policy to support the rights of all people in the region.


“We need our leaders to show their commitment to peace by condemning this act, launching an immediate inquiry, calling on Israel to lift the siege of Gaza, and supporting an immediate halt to arms supplies for Israel,” said Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK, who has travelled four times to Gaza.

「私たちは国のリーダーらに、今回の行為を糾弾し、即時調査を開始し、イスラエルにガザ封鎖の停止を求め、 イスラエルへの武器供与の即時停止を支持することで平和への言質を取る必要があります」とガザを4回訪れているコードピンクのメディア・ベンジャミンは言っている。

We are calling on peace-loving people everywhere to:


1. Organize protests in your communities against Israel’s attack on the humanitarian flotilla. Call for the aid workers to be released and allowed to complete their humanitarian mission.


2. For people in the U.S., contact the White House, your Congressperson and Senators. Demand that they condemn Israel, cut off all U.S. aid and demand that Israel lift the siege of Gaza.


Codepink Osaka held Green Tea Party in NYC during NPT New York Action


The Green Tea Party                  for

     The Nuclear Weapon- Free World


 Join our joint venture of Grassroot Exchanges

   Hosted by  Granny Peace Brigade

                Codepink NY

             Codepink Osaka JAPAN  will serve the green tea from Japan


☆   When: May 4(Tues.) 18:30-20:30

☆   Where: Creative Space, New York

     ( Holy Trinity Episcopal Church : 316 E. 88th Street )

 Codepink Osaka JAPAN presents

  Green Tea Ceremony & Making “Orizuru”, paper crane peace bird

      Sing along :  “Genbaku Yurusumaji” ( No More A Bombing )  etc.

A-    Bomb victims speak out 

Grassroot voices         

        “Kami―Shibai”, illustrated Story Telling

Reading Poems on A- Bombing in Hiroshima 

Skit : Women’s Peace actions in Osaka

  Codepink NY & Granny Peace Brigade present

・                ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

・                ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・


Lets enjoy the grassroot exchanges

over a cup of genuine green tea from JAPAN !!

                Contact: HISAE Ogawa  Codepink Osaka JAPAN

                    E-mail : glocaloh@gold.ocn.ne.jp   


      GFM代表団は当初の予定通りにガザに入ることは出来ませんでした。エジプト政府は代表団のガザ入りを最後まで拒否し通しました。背後にはイスラエル、アメリカ政府の       圧力があっての極めて政治的判断だったと考えられます。 「パレスチナ支援、イスラエルの蛮行をやめさせようという国際世論を無視する態度を取り続けたエジプト政府に私は    「どうして?」という疑問と落胆の念を持たざるを得ませんでした。

  核兵器廃絶、核軍縮の課題では国連でも国際外交の分野でも世界の先頭にたっているエジプト。私たちが進めている原水禁運動にも理解と協力を示し、ヒロシマでの国際会議    には外交官が率先して出席され、日本原水協等がカイロで開催した原爆展にも協力を惜しまれませんでした。とても心強いパートナーです。私たちの運動が勝ち取った大きな成果の一つといえるでしょう。


 それでも、ガザには入れなかった今回の事態に象徴されるパレスチナ問題での国際世論vs.政府(エジプト、イスラエル、アメリカそして日本を含む代表参加した国々)の交渉過程を自身で体験してみて、今痛感するのは「私たちの願いを実現するには政府に迫る世論の喚起がまだまだ必要だ」ということです。400人という最大の代表団がきたフランスでは、フランス各地に日常的なパレスチナ連帯の草の根の運動があり、そこからやってきた人たちはカイロのフランス大使館前の歩道にテントを張り、泊り込んで大使にエジプト政府にガザ入りを交渉するよう要請。エジプトの機動部隊に取り囲まれた狭いスペースは熱気に包まれ、歩道の植え込みが臨時の演壇になり、入れ替わりアピールが続きます。飛び入り参加した私たちも「日本グループからもアピールを!」と乞われ、「ビバ・ガザ! ノー・モア・ヒロシマ!」とアピール。老若男女、様々な人たちがキャンプ場にいるかのような自然体で大使に要請をし、大使もそれに応えてくれました。草の根の運動が政府を動かしている様を見せてもらいました。日本での世論の喚起、まだまだです。アメリカ大使館も要請を受け入れなかったのです。




コードピンク大阪ジャパン 尾川寿江

Green Tea Party 大成功 !!

★☆☆ コピンク大阪ジャパン NPT再検討会議 ニューヨーク行動に参加( 2010年 5月 )

Green Tea Party 大成功 !!


  • The Green Tea Party☆             
 for Peace & the Nuclear Weapon-Free World 



Join our joint venture of Grassroot Excshusaihanges 


Hosted 主催 Granny Peace Brigade  おばあちゃん平和旅団

                Codepink NY  コードピンク・ニューヨーク

             Codepink Osaka JAPAN  コードピンク大阪ジャパン

  • 日時/When:  May 4(Tues.) 5/4(火) 18:30-20:30
  • 於/Where:  Creative Space, New Yor

 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church )  

大阪母親大会連絡会 委員長 植田晃子

大阪母親大会連絡会 委員長 植田晃子

Akiko Ueda, the president of Osaka Mother’s congress Liaison committee




 I’m so happy to meet you all here in New York this evening. We’ve come all the way from Japan to America. But have well informed about

the courageous struggles of American women for peace. Because Ms. Ann Wright and other women leaders in the US peace movement came

to Japan to tell their stories. Now we’ve come to tell you our stories.

I’d like to express my deepest thanks to the organizers of this gathering to give us chance to tell our stories and to listen to your stories.




 Former president of the US, George Bush, started the Iraqi war on the pretext of “War on Terror.” Many innocent people were killed and more

people were injured. Many US soldiers died and got injured. We’ve heard that the war veterans are having hard time even after they left the


It is only natural that the sorrow and rage of those mothers and women who lost their huspands,sons and daughters and loved ones or got them

injured in the war lead them to the struggles for peace.







 We, mothers and women in Japan experienced the indescribable horror by the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago.

However, none of us felt like retaliating against America. We rather set our heart on no more atomic bombings anywhere on the earth.

Unfortunately ten years after a-bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we experienced the nuclear catastrophe for the third time.

By the US hydrogen bomb testing conducted in Bikini Atoll a Japanese tuna fishing boat and its crew were exposed to the lethal radiation.

This incident set off the broad movement of the Japanese women against the nuclear wars. They appealed to the women of the whole world

to get together to discuss on how to save the children from the danger of nuclear wars. Responding to this appeal the World Mothers Congress

was held at Lausanne, Switzerland in 1955. 1060 mothers and women from 66 countries attended the congress. For these 55 years since 1955

we’ve organized mothers congresses every year throughout Japan. Each time we mobilize over 10,000 women.




The Japan Mothers Conference Committee is going to organize its 56th annual conference this year. Mothers Conferences are held at grassroot,

every year in many prefectures, citie, towns and villages. In Osaka prefecture 55th Mothers Congress are to be held on May 30th..

The attendants to the conference propose the requests to be inpremented for the coming year. .For one year they try to implement what were agreed

upon in the previous conference.




Between the annual conferences we are busy going out to the street to appeal to the citizens. We call for defending peace and the constitution of our


During the Pacific War the Japanese imperial army drafted the male folks by sending draft papers to their homes. We called them “aka-gami” ,red paper,

for they were printed in red papers. Now we make flyers in red papers with peace messages and hand them out on the street.



 We go out to the street twice a year on the specific days. The 1st time is August 15 when Japan surrendered in the Pacific War. The second time is December

8th, the day when the Japanese navy attacked Parl Harbor. 

 We accept our responsibility for the aggression and killing in the past war when we talk about victims in Hiroshima and Nagsaki.



On the 6th and 9th every month many peace groups go out to the street for signature drive calling “no nuclear weapons” and “ defend article 9 of the Constitution”. 

We, the women, are leading the drive.






   We renounce war in our constitution. We treasure our constitution. There are no winners, no losers in the war. Those who are socially week suffer most. We must

join hand in hand to defend peace and change the world. The nuclear weapon free world is not the mere dream. We should never have the tragedies of Hiroshima

and Nagasaki again. When we raise our voices and expand our movement for peace our dream will come true. There were several times in the past when nuclear

powers were almost ready to use nuclear weapons. Peace forces in the world and mothers and women who were desperate to protect children keep the nuclear

powers from using the weapons. 




We are on the different footings, of different races. But we are the same in the commitment to save our children.

Let us join our forces for peace making. I wish the mothers and women in the US all the best and big success. In their movement. And each one of you good luck and good health.

Thank you for your attention.

アン・ライトさん再訪日ツアー (2009 7/18 ~8/12) まとめて報告

☆☆★ アン・ライトさん 再訪日ツアー ( 2009 7/18 ~8/12) まとめて報告 ★☆

  =再訪日ツアー リビュー!! =


01.グアム・スタディツアー 7/18~ 22                                                                      


02.大阪講演(1) オバマ政権の積極面と問題点を明確に指摘して「オバマ大統領の誕生は嬉しいし、核兵器 廃絶へのイニシアチブは歓迎する。   しかし、軍事費増強・アフガンでの戦争強化は反対」と発言。


03.母親大会 (京都) 国際シンポで「政治を変えるのは私たち、日本も来る選挙は政治を変える絶好のチャンスです。大いに    政治を語り、社会を    変えてください。」とエールを送る。米兵の犯罪の犠牲者の方たちとも直接話し合い、米軍の犯罪    を許さない 決意を伝える。 


04.大阪講演(2) 大阪大学で、天木直人さんとビッグ対談。政府が国民をだまし間違った方向に向かっている時に、勇気を持って   告発した日米   外交官の初顔合わせ。


05.大阪講演(3) 泉北ニュータウンで講演。「 堺空襲、大阪や日本各地での空襲にアメリカ人として謝罪します。アメリカを戦争し   ない国にするため   私は戦いつづけます」と発言され、はじめてアメリカの女性の話を聞いたという参加者から「来てよかった」   と感想が寄せられていました。


06.広島  原水禁大会国際会議、広島大会に参加、アメリカの原爆投下に謝罪し、「2010年5月のNPT会議には日本のみなさんが   大挙して   ニューヨークへ来てくださ~い」とアピール。

07.北海道 釧路―矢臼別―札幌―旭川





 アメリカにもどったアン・ライトさんは、イラク、アフガニスタン戦争の早期終結の戦いを続け、すでにアフガニスタンを訪問。帰国後、米軍の性犯罪を追及する戦いに邁進。さらに、今年の年末から来年年頭にかけて行われる『 ガザ・自由の行進』の準備に大わらわです。日本からも是非参加してほしいと呼びかけを強めておられます。

イスラエルのガザ攻撃(アメリカの武器を使用し、アメリカの支援のもとに行われているのです)、封鎖の実態を私たちも、  もっとよく知らなければなりません。

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