November 21, 2008

Dear Hisae,

Last week, we launched our new campaign, War is SO Over delivering a special edition of the New York Times. It has continued to give people throughout the nation a jolt of optimism about living in a nation at peace with its neighbors. 

In order for war to truly be over, of course, we need to engage in real diplomacy, so Let’s Talk! もちろん、本当に闘いを終えるには、本物の外交を行うことが必要だ。さあ、話し合おう!

CODEPINK is doing just that. Embracing Obama’s desire to reach out to other nations, last week, our peace caravant delivered doves, apple pies, flowers and cards to the Washington, D.C. Embassies of Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia–five countries with which the Bush administration has had antagonistic relations. Our message was YES WE CAN Live in Peace.

次期大統領オバマ氏になりかわり、私たちはさっそくピース・キャラヴァンを組み、ブッシュ政権が敵視してきた国々、シリア、イラン、キューバ、ヴェネズエラ、ボりヴィアの5カ国の大使館を訪れ、民間の平和外交を展開した。私たちのメッセージは、「 我々は 平和に生きることが 出来る」だった。

This week, following up on our meeting with Iranian President Ahmedinajad in New York City in September, CODEPINK cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, together with Colonel Ann Wright, will be traveling to Iran to engage in further citizen diplomacy, meeting with officials and the people of Iran to make human connections that will help us stop the next war now.




Two years ago, the peace movement celebrated an election that changed the balance of power in the Congress and the Senate. We in the anti-war community fully expected that the new Democratically-controlled Congress would move swiftly to end the war in Iraq, but we were sadly disappointed. Today we are at a similar junction, and hope not to suffer a similar setback. Barack Obama was elected in large part because of his promise to end the Iraq War and we want to hold him to that pledge. We have sent Obama a letter asking him to sit down with leaders of the peace and anti-war communities to talk about bringing home our troops. Click here to add your name to our “Let’s Talk” invitation to the President-elect. Let’s model how we arrive at peace, starting here at home.


You can help make the peace community even more vibrant and visible by joining us at the Inauguration in January. Click here to find out how to join CODEPINK at the Inaugural to say YES WE CAN End War!

Thanks for being part of this important conversation!
Audrey, Dana, Deidra, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Medea, Nancy, and Rae