Wishing peace in the coming year

CODEPINK Osaka is joining peace action in NYC next year again.

Hope to see you again in the reunion to be held in NYC!

******CODEPINK Osaka 2015 ‘New York Action Plan’ for NPT Review Conf.******

4/23 (Th.)  leave Osaka for NY ===arrive NY (JFK)          Home Stay in NY (HSNY )①
4/24 (Fri.)  Green Tea Party reunionlunch party
Japanese group would like to cook Japanese dishes to share  (HSNY)②
International conference for nuclear abolition
4/25 (Sat.) GTP ‘Nodate’ actions**
Outdoor picnic & teaparty around NYC                      (HSNY)③
4/26 (Sun.)  join parade to the UN (HSNY)④
4/27 (Mon.) GTP Workshop***                                                    (HSNY)⑤
NPT Review Conference starts
International symposium and others
4/28(Tues.) join NGOs‘events (HSNY)⑥
4/29(Wed.) actions around NY****                                                (HSNY)⑦
4/30(Th.) leave JFK for Osaka