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A Bombing Exhibition in Malaysia

We have arrived in Malaysia. In the campus of International Islamic University Malaysia we started our exhibition. Students show great interest in our exhibition and campaign for nuclear free world. 

Mr.Taka delivered greeting on this occasion on behalf of the delegation.

Exhibition on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a Nuclear Weapon-Free World

Hiroshi TAKA
Secretary General, Japan Council against A and H Bombs

Dear friends,

     On the occasion of the A-bomb exhibition: “For a Nuclear Weapon-Free World – Hiroshima and Nagasaki Speak” taking place in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, I want to first express our gratitude to Mr. Ram Karthigasu and the other members of the Perdana Global Peace Organization, Dr. Ronald McCoy and many other friends in NGO community for your active cooperation with us in holding this exhibition.  I also want to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to the Malaysian Government and its leaders for their outstanding contribution to the cause of abolishing nuclear weapons and achieving a peaceful and just world, as well as their warm support of the project of holding the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

     The Malaysian Government has also given us its support of the World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs held in every August in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, extending it a message from the leading statesmen and sending leading diplomats to express solidarity with the A-bomb survivors and the Japanese anti-nuclear weapons movement.  On behalf of the Japan Council against A and H Bombs, I express our heartfelt thanks to both the people and the government of Malaysia for all that you did for us.

      The Japan Council against A and H Bombs, which we represent, was founded in 1955 against the background of mounting protest against the damage caused by a hydrogen bomb test of the US conducted on March 1, 1954.  It rallied many national organizations representing diverse sectors of people on the common desire for “Hiroshima or Nagasaki not to be repeated”.  Since then, we have been developing diverse forms of activity, such as organizing the annual World Conference against A and H Bombs in August in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, constant signature campaign to build up public opinion in support of nuclear disarmament, and petitioning for nuclear weapon-free declarations by municipalities, with the goals of 1) prevention of nuclear war, 2) total ban and the elimination of nuclear weapons, and 3) the relief and solidarity with the A-bomb survivors.

      In Spring 2010, the next Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) will take place in New York.  With that conference ahead of us, the call for “a nuclear weapon-free world” is rapidly spreading beyond the Non-Aligned Movement led by Malaysia, beyond the New Agenda Coalition, the 7 member coalition of non-nuclear weapons countries, into nuclear powers and their allies, including the United States, which has been the motor of the nuclear arms race.  Especially Barack Obama’s declaration that “America seeks a world with no nuclear weapons”, announced in his election campaign on July 16, 2008, is stirring up our hope.  As it was a message he sent to the world, let us urge him and his government to honor his promise in the name of the people around the world.

      The present uplift of momentum for the abolition of nuclear weapons is not accidental.  In May 2000, on the eve of the 21st century, facing the spreading public demands for nuclear disarmament, the five nuclear powers accepted the elimination of their own nuclear arsenals as their “unequivocal undertaking”.  Unfortunately, the Bush Administration that shortly emerged hated the agreement, and sought to establish a world order of force based on the overwhelming military strength, as having survived the “cold war”.  “Terrorism” and “proliferation” were declared as new danger, and Iraq was made a warning to the rest of the world.

     However, peace was not achieved by force. Despite massive military attack, staged against worldwide opposition, neither nuclear weapons nor any other weapons of mass-destruction were found in Iraq. The developments on Iran and on North Korea have also evidenced that only diplomatic effort, supported by the world public opinion, can lead to the resolution of the problems.

      True, that India, Pakistan and Israel, went nuclear, staying outside NPT regime, and that North Korea followed them.  However, all the other states, that number 184, other than the five nuclear weapons powers, are placing themselves under the treaty obligation as “Non-nuclear weapons states,” renouncing their option for the development or acquisition of nuclear weapons.  Now, nothing can justify their pretext, such as for their “national security” or for their “deterrence”.  If they really need “security” they should all the more hurry up in totally banning nuclear weapons, and with the force of law and reason, they should eliminate those dangerous weapons from earth.

      Before concluding my report, let me talk about our country.  The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulted from the war of aggression, which Japan had initiated against Korea, China and many other countries in Asia and the Pacific region, including Malaysia.  We believe that Japan should officially apologize to these countries and that as a token of its sincerity it should implement Article 9 of the Constitution, by which Japan renounced war as means to resolve international conflicts.  The Japanese Government, as one that represent the only people in the world who suffered the nuclear calamity, should take the lead in freeing the world of nuclear weapons, and as its evidence it should honor its “Three Non-nuclear Principles” of not possessing, not manufacturing and not allowing the bringing-in of nuclear weapons, as it was adopted by the national Diet.

      Unfortunately, for over 8 years since the turn of the century, Japan has given top priority to its relationship with the US, and has supported its military operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, even by engaging the so-called Self Defense Forces in various operations.  Not many Japanese, however, support such operations.  Many stand in support of Article 9.  Fourteen hundred ninety five municipalities, i.e. some 80% of all, declare themselves nuclear weapon-free, and as many as 425 mayors have so far expressed their support of our proposal for a “Declaration of Nuclear Weapon-Free Japan”.

  We are deeply convinced that the world will move to the elimination of nuclear weapons without fail.  Yet this should be made assured when peace-loving people develop dialogs and other actions at grassroots, and build worldwide opinion in support of this goal.  It was from this spirit that the NGO representatives in the 2008 World Conference against A and H Bombs together launched a worldwide signature campaign in support of the “Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World”.  We also called on national and local governments to host the A-bomb exhibition and a variety of other events to make known to citizens of stories of the A-bomb survivors.

     For about 15 months from now until the first day of the NPT Review Conference on April 26, 2010, let us develop action in every country and bring the will of the tens of millions of people demanding a nuclear weapon-free, peaceful and more just world in the form of signatures before the venue of the Conference.  I conclude my report by expressing again our gratitude to you, the people of Malaysia.






1) マレーシアのNGOと協力して、原爆展「核兵器のない世界へーヒロシマ・ナガサキはかたりかける」を成功させる。被団協、国内の被爆者代表を支援し、被爆の実相と「人類と核兵器は共存できない」とする被爆者のメッセージを普及する。

2) 原爆展、セミナー、市民社会や学生との交流を通  じ、2010年NPT再検討会議に向けて提起されている署名<核兵器のない世界を」の取組をひろめる。マレーシアの平和団体、NGOにも取り組みを提起し、ニューヨークへの結集をよびかける。

3) マレーシア政府やマハティール元首相など、新旧の政府関係者とも積極的に交流・意見交換をはかる。2010年のNY行動やそれに向けた2009年世界大会への協力を要請する。


 ヒロシマ、ナガサキの被爆者をふくむ全国の原水協、平和団体の代表など25名。 コードピンク大阪は大阪原水協として参加しました。



クアラルンプール郊外広大な敷地に広がるキャンパス。 学生は世界中から集まってきたイスラム教徒の子弟。 男女共学で女子学生は全員深くスカーフをかぶり、イスラムのドレスを着用。カラフルな原色、花柄のドレスで華やか。 入学試験はなく、高校の推薦で入学が決まるとか。







夜になると通りを埋め尽くす屋台。 香辛料の強いマレー料理、インド料理、私たちには馴染みの中華などなんでも食べられる。 日本人には、辛さを控えるか聞いてくれた。 



Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World.
Please Sign!
Toward the 2010 NPT Review Conference
Appeal for a Nuclear Weapon-Free World
Even now, in the 21st Century, world peace and security are still threatened by 26,000 nuclear weapons.
As the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show us, nuclear weapons instantly destroy countless lives, torment people in future generations, and ruin civilizations.
The Hibakusha, the A-bomb survivors, continue to warn that humanity cannot coexist with nuclear weapons. Never again should we create more victims of nuclear weapons.
For the survival of the human race and for the future of our children, let us achieve a world free of nuclear weapons through our actions in solidarity
Toward the 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the nuclear weapons states are called to honor the “unequivocal undertaking” of May 2000 to eliminate their nuclear weapons.
We call on the nuclear weapons states and all other governments to agree to commence and conclude negotiations of a treaty,   a nuclear weapons convention, to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons without delay.

 This appeal was adopted at the World Conference against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs held in Hiroshima on August 6, 2008.
 Now the signature collecting campaign to support the appeal is going on worldwide with global, national and local initiatives.
 We are local peace groups from Osaka, Japan, Osaka Gensuikyo( Osaka Council against A & H Bombs) and Codepink Osaka.
Osaka is located 300km east of Hiroshima. The city was air raided and severely destroyed in the World War II and   reconstructed after the war. Quite a number of  Hibakushas moved to and settled in Osaka after bombing.We support Hibakushas in Osaka and elsewhere in the world.             
In Osaka, we have been carrying out the campaign for elimination of nuclear weapons with our local initiative in collaboration with peace loving people of the world. 

  We’ve joined the signature collecting campaign asking for the support of the friends both local and global.
Let us cross the national boundary and work together for nuclear free world in solidarity.
                                                             Osaka Council against A & H Bombs
                                         ★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Codepink Osaka /JAPAN   http://codepink.jp
                                                                          E-mail  glocaloh@gold.ocn.ne.j

   このアピールは、2008年8月6日広島で開催された「 原水爆禁止世界大会 」で採択されました。  
   大阪は広島から訳300km東にある都市です。第二次大戦中に空襲を受け大半が焼け野原となり街は戦後再建されました。原爆投下後に、たくさんの被爆者が移り住まれた街です。 大阪で私たちは世界中の平和を愛する人たちと核兵器廃絶をめざす取組をすすめています。                                  私たちは、大阪の、そして世界中の被爆者を支援します。 私たちは、地域の、そして世界中の友人達    に署名を拡げる取組に参加してくださるようよびかけています。国境を越えて核兵器のない世界めざし、  共にがんばりましょう!                  
                                                原水爆禁止大阪協議会/ コード・ピンク大阪 



私のささやかな平和の取組の場として「コード・ピンク大阪」を立ち上げました。アメリカをはじめ海外の友人たちにも署名に取り組んでもらいたいと願って、コード・ピンク大阪のホームページにオン・ライン署名のページも設けました。( http://codepink.jp ) です。是非、ご覧になってください。

                          尾川寿江 / コード・ピンク大阪
                           E-mail: glocaloh@gold.ocn.ne.jp

コード・ピンク大阪 沖縄再訪 2008.10.18~21



 常備軍  スタンディング・アーミー

ドキュメンタリー  制作 トマス・ファジー、エンリコ・パレンティ









アン・ライトさんの著書” Dissent – voices of conscience ” の翻訳にとりかかっています


 アン・ライトさんの著書” Dissent – voices of conscience ” の翻訳にとりかかっています。





 コード・ピンク大阪 / 尾川寿江



Codepink Osaka visits Codepink DC House !!!
コードピンクハウス に到着

Arrived at the DC House !! Our dream has come true. We came all the way from Osaka.


Oct.2、‘07 U.S.Supreme Court US & Japanese CodepinkersSay no to Iraqi War !!

2007年10月2日 連邦最高裁判所 前 日米女性ピンクで連帯 イラク戦争 ノー!!  



Codepink sisters in the House


full of pink colour

full of passion for peace and justice


アン・ライト さん 来日講演・ツアー‘08 5月初旬
コードピンク大阪 よびかけ

コード・ピンクが編集した本を邦訳出版し、この度(10月初頭)ワシントンにあるコードピンク ハウスを訪問した私は、滞在中アン・ライトさんとお会いし、交流を深め、行動をともにしました。
アン・ライトさんの来日ツアーが、日米双方の草の根の平和運動にとって実り多いものになるよう皆 さんの積極的なご参加をよびかけます。

コードピンク大阪  尾川 寿江
E-mail : glocaloh@gold.ocn.ne.jp   URL: http://codepink.jp 

〒542-0012 大阪市中央区谷町7丁目2-2 新谷町第一ビル201-2







FBI 本部前(ワシントン) 

 アメリカ政府は、イラク戦争に反対して声をあげた人たちを次々拘束し、FBIはそのような平和活動家を犯罪者としてデータベース化したブラックリストを作っています。アン・ライトさんは、そのブラックリストに載っているとして国境でカナダへの入国を拒否されました。 コードピンク訪問中だった私は、アン・ライトさん、メディア・ベンジャミンさんらとともに、FBI前で抗議しました。



「トュルースアウト」 編集長ヴィクトリア・ハーパー  2007年2月1日









 アン・ライトは、平和の追求と世界中で地に落ちたアメリカの評判の回復への努力に並々ならぬ勇気を示した。彼女はイラク戦争に抵抗して、休むことなく活動を続けている。彼女は、ブッシュ政権による憲法で保障された人権の蹂躙と戦い、他の活動家への支援をおしまない。 平和、正義、民主的原則の強化への彼女のエネルギーと決意を認められ、アン・ライトは第一回の年間「トュルースアウト自由と民主主義賞」を受賞した。

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