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CODEPINK Osaka ‘glocal’ action in 2018

Visit San Francisco in September to join the CWJC cellebration for the statues of ‘Comfor Women’

Pilgrimage for Peace & Justice – my case

Why to York? なんでヨークへ?
From Sept.3 to 5 the IPPNW World Congress was held in the campus of the York
in UK. IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Wars) has
been advocating prevention of nuclear wars in support of the UN measures and
efforts for nuclear disarmament. It welcomed the Nuclear prevention Treaty just
passed in the UN on July 7th this year.
9 月 3 日から 5 日にかけて核戦争防止国際医師会( IPPNW)の総会がイギリスのヨーク大学で
開催されました。 IPPNW は国連の核軍縮施策を尊重し、核戦争防止を呼びかけてきました。
今年 7 月 7 日に国連で採択された核兵器禁止条約を歓迎しています。
The Congress was open to any physicians, doctors, medical practitioners, medical
workers as well as peace activists at the grassroots. Many people are expected to
come and join the Congress to congratulate themselves for the great achievement on
their long lasting struggle for nuclear disarmament. I decided to join the Congress as
a grassroots glocal peace activist .
Why me going? なんで私が行くの
In 1975 the UN declared IWY(International Women’s Year). The goal of IWY was to
achieve peace, development and equality of women.
WIDF (Women’s International Democratic Federation) then having a headquarters
in East Berlin, capital of GDR(German democratic Republic) opened the door to women
of the world to work in the secretariat office.
国連は 1975 年を国際婦人年としました。婦人年の目標は平和、開発、平等でした。国際民主
婦人連盟は当時ドイツ民主共和国の首都であった東ベルリンにありました。 民婦連は書記局員を
WIDF had affiliation with women’s organizations from more than 100 countries, many
from USSR led eastern block countries ( USSR,GDR,Bulgaria, Romania etc.)
As for Japan, The Federation of Japanese Women’s Organization (Fudanren) had
been affiliated. Fudanren asked me to work in the secretari at and I joined the
secretariat and started working in East Berlin. I stayed there for 2 and half years.民婦連には 100 か国以上の諸国の女性組織が加盟していましたが大半はソ連主導の東欧諸国
でした。 日本からは、日本婦人団体連合会〈婦団連〉が加盟していました。婦団連の推薦で私は
国際婦人年に民婦連の書記局員となり、 2 年半にわたって東ベルリンに駐在することになりまし
In 1976 ‘No Nukes York Forum’ was announced. Fudanren asked me to join the
I took the labor to get a train ticket crossing the Berlin wall and passing borders of
East and West Germany. I took ferry crossing the English channel and landed at
Dover. The custums officers at Dover stopped me and questioned me for 2 hours
before I was finally released.
USSR vs.USA, the cold war was going on. A young woman from Japan traveling
from East Germany to UK might have been so strange for them.
1976 年、「ノー‣ニューク ヨーク・フォーラム」開催が発表され、参加するよう婦団連から
ました。フェリーで英国海峡を渡りドーバーでイギリス入国の検査を受けましたが、 検査官は
東ベルリンからやってきた若い日本人女性を訝り別室で尋問を行いました。 2 時間待機させら
What was discussed in York in 1976? ヨークでは何が話しあわれたの?
When I finally arrived York University, I was pleasantly surprised to know that
Setsuko Thurlow came all the way from Canada. And a friend of mine from Osaka,
my home town、 in the Japanese group.
Setsuko’s story moved the heart of the people gathered
I talked about how Japanese women at the grassroots aspire nuclear free world.
My friend talked about the actions taken by the Osaka Hibakusha Women’s
Association,which catered the women A bomb victims living in and around Osaka.
He also told a story of his student who was the second generation of Hibakusha born
after bombing but developed leukemia and passed away before finishing high school.
せつ子さんの話は皆の心を打つものでした。 私は日本の女性たちがどんなに核兵器の危険の
ない世界を切望しているかを話し、友人は大阪でつくられた「 大阪被爆婦人の会」の活動や自身
の教え子の被爆二世の男子が卒業をまたずに亡くなったことなどを発言しました。On the issue of nuclear disarmament, US and USSR were boasting ‘Nuclear
Deterrence’ theory at all times.
In York we clearly said ‘No more and never again Hiroshimas and Nagasakis!! And
maintained that ‘Deterrence’ will never lead us nuclear elimination and abolition.
核軍縮の課題で米国とソ連は一貫して「核抑止論」 を吹聴し、それに固執してきました。
ヨークで私たちは「ノーモア、ネヴァー・アゲイン ヒロシマ・ナガサキ!! 核兵器抑止
The Pilgrimage to York in 2017 2017 年、 再びヨークへ巡礼の旅
The common dreams for nuclear free world we shared in 1976 in York have led us to
the UN Treaty for Nuclear Prohibition passed this year in 2017.
Many people attended the Congress and the following workshops and various
activities expressed their joy and determination to carry on their mission to push all
parties and civil societies to sign and ratify the Treaty by all means.
1976 年ヨークで皆がシェアーした共通の夢「核兵器の危険のない世界」が大きな力になって今年 2017
I was very impressed to know that many docters, medical practitioners and their
supporters in Japan had been working for Hibakushas so hard taking nuclear related
issues including on going Fukushima nuclear hazards so sincerely and seriously.
I hope they will intensify their efforts to change the government nuclear policy
which has been so inadequate and let the Japanese government sign and ratify the
Treaty and work in accordance with the UN Treaty.
My pilgrimage to York after 40 years was quite rewarding.
40 年ぶりの私のヨーク巡礼は大変報われたものになりました。

York Congress statement: A milestone for nuclear abolition

[IPPNW has released the following declaration from its 22nd World
Congress at York University, held jointly with the Health Through Peace
2017 forum organized by the UK affiliate, Medact.]
IPPNW は英国の加盟組織である Medact が開催した「ヘルス・スルー・ピース(平和を通した
健康)フォーーラム 2017」との共催でヨーク大学において第22回世界大会を開き、次のような
September 4, 2017
2017 年 9 月 4 日
As doctors, medical students, other health professionals, and other concerned citizens
gathered at York University for the international conference Health Through Peace 2017
and IPPNW’s 22nd World Congress, we celebrate a milestone in the global campaign to
rid the world of nuclear weapons
ヘルス・スルー・ピース・フォーラム2017」、「 IPPNW 第 22 回国際大会」参加の為に
核兵器を 世界からなくすグローバル・キャンペーンにおいてマイルストーンが打ち立
The new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, adopted on July 7 by 122 UN
Member States, is a major step toward the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. For
the first time, nuclear weapons have been explicitly condemned and declared illegal
because of their medical, environmental, and humanitarian consequences, placing those
who continue to possess and rely upon them on the wrong side of a powerful new
international norm.
本年7月 7 日に国連において122の加盟国の賛成で新しい核兵器禁止条約が採択され
断罪され医療、環境、人道上の影響から違法であると宣言された。 核兵器を所有し依存
し続ける諸国は強力な新たな国際規範と対峙することになった。The “Humanitarian Initiative” process that produced the Treaty was driven by an
unprecedented coalition of states, international organizations, and civil society groups
determined to shift the debate about nuclear disarmament away from the strategic
security interests of the nuclear-armed and nuclear-dependent states and to focus
instead on the catastrophic medical, environmental, and humanitarian consequences of
nuclear weapons themselves, regardless of who possesses them.
IPPNW can be proud of the role we played throughout this decade-long process, starting
with the launch of ICAN in 2007. Within only a few years, ICAN blossomed into a global
campaign coalition of more than 400 organizations in 100 countries, with IPPNW, as the
lead medical partner, providing detailed scientific evidence about health and
environmental consequences on which the political case for the Ban Treaty was based.
We presented that evidence at three successive landmark international conferences on
the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, at subsequent UN meetings that laid the
foundation for treaty negotiations, and at the negotiations themselves.
IPPNW は 2007 年に ICAN をスタートさせて以来この 10 年に渡ったディベートにおいて自
らが果たしてきた役割を誇りに思う。スタートからわずか数年でICAN は 100 か国に 400
以上の組織をもつ連合となった。禁止条約の政治的側面に加えて IPPNW は医療面から医
「核兵器の人道への影響国際会議」、 「 禁止条約の基礎をつくった国連での諸会議」、
そして「禁止条約そのものの度重なる交渉」 すべてに私たちは積極的に証拠を提供して
We did not—and could not—do this alone. In addition to our ICAN partners who
coordinated an extraordinarily effective global lobbying campaign in support of the
Treaty, we were joined in this effort by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and other leading health
federations, including the World Medical Association, the International Council of
Nurses, and the World Federation of Public Health Associatios.
このようなことは我々だけてやったわけではないし、 できたわけではない。 禁止条約実
現のための並外れた効果的なグローバル・ロビーイング・キャンペーンを展開した ICAN
世界医療協会、国際看護師協会、 保健協会世界連盟等の世界の主要な組織の支援を得て
運動に邁進してきた。We are enormously grateful to our colleagues at ICRC for helping to ensure that the
Treaty would be fully grounded in the principles of International Humanitarian Law. By
collaborating with IPPNW on a working paper summarizing the evidence about the
health and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and the
impossibility of any meaningful response—a document that became an official working
paper of the negotiating conference—the WMA, the ICN, and the WFPHA added the
weight and prestige of the entire international health community to the stigmatization of
nuclear weapons and the urgent imperative for their prohibition and elimination.
ICRC のみなさんには多大な感謝を申し上げる。 IPPNW との協力により、 核兵器と核戦争
ィーに WMA,ICN,WFPHA は重みと名声を加えた。
The Ban Treaty exists today because of strategic partnerships among states, international
organizations, and civil society groups determined to assert a new kind of leadership for
nuclear disarmament. The medical movement building emphasized at this joint Medact
“Health Through Peace” Forum and IPPNW World Congress is key to nurturing these
partnerships, which must now focus on bringing the Treaty into force as soon as possible
after it opens for signature at the UN on September 20.
い。平和をとうしての医療を追求する Medact と IPPNW 世界大会の共催で成功をおさめ
た今回の取り組みはこのようなパートナーシップを熟成させ、 9 月20日国連で調印が

Ratification by 50 states is needed for entry into force, and obtaining these ratifications
promptly is our immediate campaign goal. With this powerful new legal, moral, and
political tool in hand, we can increase the pressure on the nuclear-armed and
nuclear-dependent states and bring them into compliance with the Treaty through the
complete and irreversible elimination of all nuclear weapons, delivery systems, and
infrastructure. Only then will we achieve our goal of abolishing nuclear weapons as the
only sure way to prevent nuclear war.条約発効には50か国による批准が必要であり法条約の早期批准が私たちのキャンペー
Even with the Ban Treaty in hand, we face daunting challenges. The nuclear-armed and
nuclear-dependent states, who boycotted the negotiations and have declared their
unwillingness to join the Treaty or to respect its provisions, are determined to hold on to
nuclear weapons for as long as possible. All nine nuclear-armed States, which continue to
possess 15,000 nuclear weapons among them—are together investing more than $100
billion dollars every year in new and more accurate arsenals.
禁止条約を手に入れたとはいえ、 私たちはまだ困難に直面している。核保有国、核依存
にしがみ付くつもりでいる。核保有9か国は 15,000 発の核兵器を持ち続け毎年 1000 億
The risk that nuclear weapons will be used is increasing almost daily. The increasing
tensions between the US and DPRK (North Korea), exacerbated recently by large-scale
military exercises and a new nuclear test, the destabilizing presence of nuclear weapons
in South Asia and the Middle East, and heightening tensions between the US and its
NATO allies and Russia have brought us closer to nuclear war than at any time since the
end of the Cold War. The escalation of any of these conflicts could lead to the use of
nuclear weapons against cities and their populations for the first time since Hiroshima
and Nagasaki. Should we cross that threshold, human extinction in a nuclear winter
演習と新たな核実験、状況を不安定化する韓国、中東への核兵器配備、米国と NATO 諸国、
ロシア間の緊張の高まりは冷戦終結どの時よりも核戦争に近づいている。 このような紛
We know from experience that stigmatizing and prohibiting unconscionable weapons is
an effective first step toward their elimination. From the 1990s onward, IPPNW’s
participation in the campaigns to ban antipersonnel landmines and cluster munitions,
and to place strong restrictions on trafficking in small arms and light weapons has had a
positive impact in saving lives and reducing the carnage from armed violence. We
therefore regret that the world’s leading conventional arms trade fair, Defence and
Security Equipment International (DSEI), is going ahead in London later this month,
and condemn this event as a violation of the letter and the spirit of the Arms Trade
Treaty. Nevertheless, to the Mine Ban Treaty, the Cluster Munitions Convention, and theATT, we have now added a Treaty that explicitly declares the world’s most destructive
and abhorrent weapons illegal.
その兵器の廃絶への効果的第一歩となるということである。 1990 代年以降 IPPNW が参加
の人命を救い武力による暴力の惨禍を減らしてきた。 今月末にロンドンにおいて DSEI 国
ながら、地雷禁止条約、クラスター爆弾条約、 ATT につづいて今、核兵器禁止条約を追

There is much more we need to do. While nuclear war puts all of humanity at risk, armed
violence in any form destroys countless lives every year, and undermines our efforts to
provide for the health, well being, and security of people throughout the world. At this
York Congress, we pledge our continuing commitment to a world where peace and health
are achieved for all, and nuclear weapons have been abolished for all time.
私たちがなすべきことは多々ある。核戦争は全人類を危険にさらしており、 どのような
提供する努力をおしまないことこそ今私たちが果たすべき責務である。 このヨーク大会

CODEPINK Osaka is invited to the Mindanao People’s Peace Summit

ミンダナオ・ピープルズ・ピース・サミット(MPPSに参加して 尾川ヒサエ





私たちは日本人の思いを訴え、折り鶴を折るワークショップをして、国際署名を訴えました。 平和行進ミンダナオでも 日本での平和行進にも参加されたマラヤ・ファブロスさん、ミンダナオ島の青年平和活動家のボルティモアさんらがミンダナオ島での平和行進を企画。おおくの青年らが参加してコトバト市からSCCのあるミドサヤップ市まで2日かけて平和行進を行いサミットの開会式に到着。その時の横断幕を閉会式で日本に託されました。

Remarks by Ann Wright  アン・ライト語る 2016 / 6 / 11大阪

My name is Ann Wright and I served 29 years in the US Army/ Army Reserves and retired as a Colonel.  I was also a US diplomat and served in US Embassies in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Afghanistan and Mongolia.  However, in March 2003 I resigned from the US government in opposition to President Bush’s war on Iraq.


Since my resignation from the United States government,  I have worked with peace groups in the United States including Veterans for Peace, CODEPINK: Women for Peace and United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of over 800 peace groups in the United States.


Today at the 7th Okinawa Op-Ed Advertisement Symposium, “No need for new base for preparation for war!”, I have been asked to speak about how we can build upon citizens networking, solidarity and joint action beyond national borders in order to remove the US military bases from Okinawa


Apologies for Continued Sexual Violence Against Women by US Military


But, first, as a 29 year veteran of the US Army, I to want to deeply apologize for the horrific criminal actions by US military personnel assigned in Okinawa in the past two months.   The perpetrators of the rape and murder of Rina Shimabukuro and the rape of another woman and injuries caused by drunken driving by yet another U.S. military person are inexcusable.



I was in Okinawa for the past 4 days. Suzuyo Takazato of Okinawan Women Act Against Military Violence, an organization that has been documenting the violence of US military in Okinawa since World War II -now 28 pages long– took us to pay our respects to the memory of 20 year old Rina Shimabukuro. We travelled to the area near Camp Hansen where her body was located by the admission of the perpetrator of her rape, assault and murder, a US military contractor and a former US Marine assigned in Okinawa.  By his own admission to the Japanese police, he said that he had driven for several hours looking for a victim.



The mission of the military is to resolve international conflict with violence.

Military personnel are trained to react to situations with violent actions.  These violent actions can be used in personal life as military personnel attempt to resolve personal problems within the family, friends or strangers with violence. Violence is used to resolve anger, dislike, hate,  feeling of superiority toward others.

軍隊の役目は国際紛争は暴力で解決するということなのです。軍人、軍属は暴力的行動で状況に対処するよう訓練されているのです。軍属らが家族、友人、他人との問題を暴力で解決しようとすると個人生活においてもこの軍隊で身に着いた暴力が使われかねないのです。   暴力は他人への優越感をもたせ、怒り、憎悪、嫌悪、を解消するのに利用されるのです。

Not only are communities around US military bases affected by this violence as we have seen erupt in the past two months in Okinawa, but violence occurs on military bases between members of the military community and families.  Domestic violence within military families that are living on and off military bases is high.


Sexual assault and rape of military personnel by other military personnel is extraordinarily high.  Estimates are that one in three women in the US military will be sexually assaulted or raped during the short time of six years that she is in the US military.  The Department of Defense estimates that over 20,000 military are sexually assaulted each year, women and men.  Rates of prosecution for these crimes are very low, with only 7 percent of the cases reported resulting in prosecution of the perpetrator.


Yet President Obama did not express regrets for the continued US occupation of 20 percent of the land of Okinawa 70 years after World War II, nor for the environmental destruction of lands used by US military are evidenced by the recent release of 8500 pages of reports of pollution, chemical spills and environmental damage on US military bases most of which was never reported to the Japanese government.


Tragically, the 70 year history of the U.S. military in Okinawa reveals that these criminal acts will continue as long as the U.S. military is in Okinawa.  Ending the horrific criminal actions wrecked upon the women and children of Okinawa is one of the overwhelming reasons that the U.S. military bases in Okinawa must be closed.  The tremendous environmental damage created on the U.S. military bases is another strong reason that the U.S. military bases should be closed, and with the guarantee that the U.S. will be responsible for the environmental clean-up.


The very unbalanced, unequal Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) allows the U.S. military to pollute Okinawan lands and not be required to report the pollution to local authorities nor be required to clean up the damage.  The SOFA does not require the US military to report criminal acts committed on US military bases thereby hiding the numbers of violent acts perpetrated there.


Now is the perfect time for the government of Japan to demand to have the SOFA renegotiated to force the US government to accept its responsibilities for damages done by the US military to its people and its lands.

今こそ日本政府がこのような偏った地位協定を改訂し、アメリカ政府に米軍が駐留する土地とそこに 住む人々にたいして起こした破壊の責任をとるべきであると迫る絶好の機会なのです。

The citizens of Okinawa and the elected leaders of Okinawa have accomplished an unprecedented event-the suspension, and hopefully, the end of construction of the runways at Henoko.  What you have done to challenge both your national government and the US government’s attempt to build another military base in the beautiful waters of Ora Bay is remarkable!


I have just visited activists on Jeju Island, South Korea where their 8 year campaign to prevent the construction of a naval base in their pristine waters was not  suuccessful.  Their efforts were NOT supported by the prefecture government and now 116 of them and 5 village organizations are being sued for damages from costs incurred by the slow down of contraction by daily protests that closed the entrance gates to construction trucks.


Suggestions on Building a Greater International Coalition


Now to suggestions on how to build a greater international coalition to support your efforts to close the U.S. military bases on Okinawa, bases that take 20 percent of the lands of Okinawa and comprise xx of all military bases in the entire country of Japan.


The recent book on US military bases around the world, Base Nation by Dr. David Vines states that the U.S. has over 800 military bases around the world.  Germany, Japan and South Korea have the most U.S. bases.  Germany has 174 U.S. military bases, Japan 113 and South Korea 83. Eight other nations have a total of 30 military bases outside their countries. Great Britain has seven bases and France five bases in their former colonies.  Russia has eight bases in the former Soviet republics and one in Syria.


In virtually every country where there are US bases we find citizens who are challenging those bases.  They are your allies in the struggle in Okinawa.


I have worked with a variety of international coalitions on a variety of issues.  I think you would find these coalitions very sympathetic with your struggle in Okinawa and would want to do what they can to assist.  This assistance may be in the form of publicizing No Bases in Okinawa through their international newsletters and e-blasts to sending delegations to join in solidarity.

私は、様々な国際的連合組織や様々な課題で共に働いてきました。以下、ご紹介します。  沖縄での皆さんの闘いを知らせ国際連帯を深めることが重要だと思います。

Some of these international coalitions anti-war, stop US military bases, stop assassin drones, include:

Australia- Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coaltion- -http://www.anti-bases.org

Germany –Stopp Ramstein–anti US Bases

Germany– DFG-VK: Krieg stoppen-www.friedenkoeln.de,


Buchel Anti-Nuclear Camp – Germany  www.buechel-atomwaffenfrei.de/buechel65/english/

Scotland-Faslane-Anti-nuclear weapons on submarines in particular


UK–Stop Wars Coaltion in the UK www.stopwar.org.uk/

Ireland-Anti-War and Shannon Airport

Italy--X-Ban and MUOS  https://325.nostate.net/2013/06/22/sicily-stop-the-u-s-military-radar-network-m-u-o-s-italy/

Italy- No Dal Molin–Stop Vicenza Air Base Expansion -http://www.nodalmolin.it/No-Dal-Molin-The-Antibase-Movement

Cuba- Conference to Abolish Foreign Military Bases–Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples (MovPaz)

Silvio Platero Yrola, President of MovPaz, presidm@enet.cu and movpaz@enet.cu. Alina Fernández at movpazri@enet.cu.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Coalition ffc.org

Peace Boat

nternational Women’s Network Against Militarism

Stop the War Coalition Philippines

International Forum on Globalization

Mindano People’s Peace Movement

In the United States:

Veterans for Peace-2015 delegations to Okinawa and Jeju Island  www.veteransforpeace.org

Voices of Creative Non-Violence–anti-war group in the US that has visited Jeju Island  http://vcnv.org

CODEPINK: Women for Peace-with an new dynamic intern with Okinawan heritage and with a chapter in Japan, two members visited Okinawa with me


Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom - chapters in many countries with study trips all over the world.  www.wilpf.org

United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC)  https://www.unacpeace.org


World Beyond War

American Friends Service Committee-Quakers http://www.afsc.org

International Action Centerhttp://iacenter.org

Nevada Desert Experience

Women for Genuine Security

Catholic Worker

School of the Americas Watch

Pace e Bene

DMZ Hawaii

Mauna Nui-Hawaii

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

We are Guahan

Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice

These are just a few of the more active organizations that work on an international basis and that I believe would be honored to receive an invitation to send a delegation to Okinawa.


Again, I want to express my deepest apologies for the actions of a few individuals in the US military for the criminal acts that have occurred, but more importantly tell you that many of us in the United States will continue our struggle to end the 800 US military bases the US has around the world.


Thank you.


CODEPINK Osaka joined the International Conference on Women in the Philippines

photos 2016 2/2-6

CODEPINK OSAKA joined 2014 3/8 International Women’s Day March in Subic, the Philippines

CODEPINK OSAKA is invited  to The International Conference on Women, Peace and Security in the Philippines

Invitation to CODE PINK OSAKA

Dear Hisae and Code Pink sisters in Osaka,

Greetings of peace! It has been a long while since our 2009 Conference on Women, Peace and Security in Manila.  Since then, many of us have communicated and worked together through our Peace Women Partners network.  We know that you continue to work in your own areas of influence for the advancement of women’s lives in the world.

Now, more than ever, we are challenged by increasing conflicts and disasters that threaten women’s peace and security in Asia, the Pacific and all over the world. Therefore it is timely and urgent to gather women leaders like you to discuss the work that we do in the fields of peace building, disaster risk management and recovery, and sustainable development. Together we will develop common strategies for women to advance their participation and leadership towards a world where peace, justice and security prevail for all.

We are pleased to invite you to our International Conference on Women, Peace and Security with the theme: WOMEN LEADERS IN PEACEBUILDING AND REBUILDING LIVES. The Conference shall be held in Lingayen, Pangasinan on Feb. 3-5, 2016.  An International Forum and Press Briefing shall be conducted on Feb. 2, 2016 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Visit Statten Isand with Sally サリー・ジョーンズさんとスタッテン島を廻る

Osaka Code Pink Staten Island TourThank you Sally for yourgreat hospitaity.

NPT ニューヨーク行動 報告会 開催しました!


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CODEPINK Osaka ‘glocal’ action in 2018

CODEPINK Osaka ‘glocal’ action in 2018

Visit San Francisco in September to join the CWJC cellebration for the statues of ‘Comfor Women’ [Read More]

Pilgrimage for Peace & Justice – my case

Pilgrimage for Peace & Justice – my case

Why to York? なんでヨークへ? From Sept.3 to 5 the IPPNW World Congress was held in the campus of the York [Read More]

York Congress statement: A milestone for nuclear abolition

York Congress statement: A milestone for nuclear abolition

IPPNW は英国の加盟組織である Medact が開催した「ヘルス・スルー・ピース(平和を通した [Read More]

CODEPINK Osaka is invited to the Mindanao People’s Peace Summit

ミンダナオ・ピープルズ・ピース・サミット(MPPS)に参加して 尾川ヒサエ [Read More]

Remarks by Ann Wright  アン・ライト語る 2016 / 6 / 11大阪

My name is Ann Wright and I served 29 years in the US Army/ Army Reserves and retired as a Colonel.  I was also a US [Read More]

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